Do A Little More


Across the world, wildlife is in decline, our forests are being ravaged and our oceans are choking with plastic. This can’t go on. Which is why Doctor Dolittle are supporting WWF to help us all  fight for our world.

As you join the Doctor in learning how humans and animals can live together in harmony, we will be helping raise funds for one of the world’s largest conservation organisations, WWF, through bucket collections and in-theatre fundraising. Through supporting the work of WWF, we hope to inspire and educate our audiences on the actions you can take to help fight for our world.

Whilst the elusive giant pink sea snail is a creature of fiction, there are many species today which are becoming a rarer sight to see. Sadly, over the past 50 years, there have been huge losses in wildlife both in the UK and abroad. Numbers of iconic species have dropped – from the skylark and water vole here in the UK, to African elephants and snow leopards around the world. Globally, we’re all using the planet’s resources faster than nature can restore itself and wildlife is disappearing, fast. But nature provides our life support system. We cannot survive without it. So we must all act right now to reverse the damage and restore nature. We have the solutions, we just need the will.  This is on us – all of us. In every moment of every day, there’s a choice to be made.

Join Doctor Dolittle in supporting WWF and join the #FightForYourWorld